Sunday, December 10, 2006

Public Rhetorics and Permanent War

When: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 - 3:30 PM Where: University of Washington Communications Building 202, Details

"Public Rhetorics and Permanent War" is a collective of humanities graduate students and faculty who share a scholarly interest in understanding and clarifying the production and role of public rhetorics during what increasingly appears to be a state of globalized permanent war. Articles and essays to be discussed include Wendy Brown's "Neo-liberalism and the End of Liberal Democracy," Immanuel Kant's "Perpetual Peace," Foucault's "Society Must be Defended," and Hardt and Negri's "'War' (In Multitude)."

As Christians (and secondarily as citizens of the United States), we need to understand more about the forces that work to shape our thinking about the world. It would be wonderful if the only force at work in us was the gospel - but if that were true we and the world would look very different indeed. Forums like the one above might serve to help us navigate amid the sea of ideas, so that we might more faithfully tune our hearts and minds to the One to which we have dedicated our lives.



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