Sunday, January 14, 2007

Book Review: Church: Community for the Kingdom

A new blogger, someone it seems in some kind of theology and mission class somewhere, posted this book review. It's worth reading, and makes the book sound worth reading, too, particularly given the Community of Christ's communal and "gathering" history. Hey, blogger... if you're reading this, put some info about yourself on your page, so yokels like me can have something more "professional-sounding" to say about our fellow bloggers. Thanks. ;-)

John Fuellenbach, an international lecturer and professor of theology in Rome wrote Church: Community for the Kingdom. Fuellenbach’s thesis is that the church, both present and future, will only fulfill it’s true purpose of being a community in service of the kingdom of God by returning to the principles practiced and taught by Jesus of living in solidarity with the poor and fostering the inculturation of the gospel message. These two objectives can be achieved by fully embracing other cultures and making the poor part of the community of God. With these values in place, Fuellenbach argues that the future of the church will be a world church.

Read the whole post here.

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