Tuesday, February 06, 2007

got luke?

January Chinook Now Online
An article I wrote ("got luke?") starts on page six.

Luke is the lectionary gospel for 2007. The Gospel of Luke pivots on just a few verses, in a confrontation between Jesus and a “rich ruler”. We all remember the story: The rich man asks Jesus how he may gain “eternal life.” Jesus answers how he can “enter the kingdom”: by giving away all his possessions and following Jesus. The scripture doesn’t tell us what the man’s response was. All it says is that he backed away.

This is a tough scripture for most of us - we are a lot like this “rich ruler”: we know Jesus speaks the truth,we agree with the idea of giving up our attachment to possessions and power, but just can’t bring ourselves to actually give them up. The faith-question of economic injustice is hit on over and over in Luke, and as the lectionary text for this year it asks us to take a hard look at ourselves.

Read the whole article on page six of the Chinook.
(The Chinook is the quarterly newsletter of the Greater Pacific Northwest region of the Community of Christ.)

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  • Christian. This must be an important issue right now for within the last two days,I wrote an article on the very same subject for the Sagle Newsletter.

    The Spirit is Moving!!

    By Blogger Mike, at 3:29 PM  

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