Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Delegation Seeks Peaceful Means Between US and Iran

We can support them.

In their recent meeting with President Ahmadinejad, members of a religious delegation recently back from Iran learned that Iranian officials are willing to talk about a range of issues if they sense good will from the U.S.

Today members of that delegation are on Capitol Hill visiting several members of Congress. Their message – seek peaceful means of resolving the issues between Iran and the United States.

Today, as the meetings unfold in Washington, we are asking that you speak up in solidarity with these leaders by urging support for direct talks with Iran, opposing additional sanctions for Iran that punish innocent citizens, and supporting additional exchanges of religious leaders in an effort to further the cause of peace.

Let’s make today the beginning of a new path to peace. Through our shared commitment to peace, we can bring leadership to the leaders and help avoid further divisions and possible violence.

Your prayers for peace are also welcome and may be shared on the FaithfulAmerica prayer page.

You can also send a letter to your representatives in Washington, D.C., asking them to meet with and listen to these peacemakers.

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