Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bringing Up the F-word

The editor of Real Change - the Seattle weekly peddled exclusively by homeless people - posted a great discussion of "the f-word" (fascism). In Seattle, people of faith and other concerned citizens will be gathering for a "strategy session" on resistance to fascism:
My friend Rev. Rich Lang at Trinity United Methodist Church in Ballard has called an Emergency Meeting at his church for August 1, at 7 pm. I'm going. Rev. Lang has been concerned with the growing signs around us for some time, but a recent Executive Order signed by the President has him particularly concerned.
Rev. Lang's Real Change column from today's Real Change is posted there, too. It is worth reading, and the strategy session sounds worth attending.

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  • America has been "fascist" for quite some time...we just don't recognize it because there's no goose-stepping storm troopers and terror squads.

    According to Mussolini, fascism is the merging of the corporate and state interest. The corporation is the state and the state is the corporation. Capitalism and fascism go hand in hand. Also under fascism, it's a "continual war" of one group of people with another, having pseudo conflicts to divide people so the people in power can continue their economic dominance of the mass of people. And one more similarity with fascism is the obsessive worship with the military and military power.

    America ceased to be a democracy in December 2000 when the Supreme Court overruled the people and installed Bush as president. We have been a fascist state since then, complete with rigged elections, scare tactics, and phony acts of terror. Americans need to recognize the new reality that we lost our democracy before the new century began.

    By Blogger Sansego, at 2:06 PM  

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