Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Congregation Assignments

End the pins and needles...
Stop the presses...
The cows have come home to roost; the eggs have hatched; the time has come!

Congregations were notified this week of the Mission Center staff assignments. As of January 1, my congregations will be:
Auburn, Highland Park, Rainier Valley, Renton, and University Place (Tacoma)!

Please keep these congregations in your prayers, as they'll be having me as their CSM.

Of course, these are my assignments as a Congregational Support Minister. A full half of my job is also to be a Mission Center-wide coordinator (including all of Washington, Oregon and Alaska). I will thus be travelling far and wide, as well as focusing on the Puget Sound. And, pretty much, if there's a potluck, I'll be there no matter how far away it is. ;-)


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