Thursday, March 15, 2007

Waging War on Minimum Wage

Congress has managed to lash the minimum wage bill to an Iraq War supplemental spending package. That means the only way to get a higher minimum wage is to vote for more spending for the Iraq war at the same time. This is only set up to make sensible and moral people (primarily Democrats) vote against a minimum wage hike. It serves no other purpose, since no one is going to vote for a war-funding package based on a desire to raise the minimum wage.

NCC General Secretary Bob Edgar sums it up best:

It is reprehensible for Congress to attach the federal minimum wage to a funding request for what most religious leaders in America have called an immoral war. It is also immoral to ask the working poor and other taxpayers to pay for the wage increase by offering tax breaks to business. Offering tax breaks for business and wealthy citizens at the expense of working people across the country has been a hallmark of the current administration. Religious leaders have consistently called the federal budget a moral document and decried its continued preferential option for the rich while the Bible clearly has—as Pope Paul VI stated—'a preferential option for the poor.' (read complete statement here)

Say a prayer, and send a letter. (Courtesy of Faithful America.)

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