Sunday, April 15, 2007

Instead of the words of Jesus, we must speak of the radical life of Jesus. And instead of the death of Jesus, we must speak of the imperial crucifixion of Jesus. Then, in both Jesus' imitated lifestyle and in Jesus' resurrected deathstyle, the Jewish God of justice and righteousness stands radically--that is, eschatalogically--against injustice and exploitation.
-John Dominic Crossan, The Birth of Christianity (1998:411)


  • aww, Dom, (John Dominic Crossan goes by Dom when he teaches) I met him last summer and he is the sweetest little Irishman, so kind and so devoted to a justice-oriented Christianity.

    The most curiosity-filled question I walked away with from his class was one of how we could enact festivals that would vehemently resist empire in our day, like the passover stood as a celebration of the overcoming of domination for the Jews in Jerusalem. Rome would put extra guards on duty at that time of year because they new the crowd could be easily incited to revolt against their Roman oppressors.

    How can we find spaces/places/celebrations today that might resist empire similarly, or incite people to rebel against the powers of domination and oppression that keeps us mired in individualism and over-consumption?

    PS - I am madly writing a paper for school today so this may be the closest I get to a Sunday posting

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