Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Film, Faith and Justice

Four days of films, lectures, and discussion panels exploring issues of human rights and the theology of social justice.

University of Washington, Kane Hall, April 12-15

Film Festival
Eight films have been selected from the Human Rights Watch International Film Festival focusing on the issues of immigration, violence, globalization, and social responsibility. The HRW International Film Festival plays annually in New York and London. We are proud to premier the festival in Seattle.

Lecture Series
World renowned theologians and social advocates present a series of provocative lectures addressing the films' thematic elements within a theological context. These lectures will question, challenge, and stretch the structures of living a life of faith in an unjust world.

Discussion Panels
Drawing from their experience as filmmakers, scholars, practitioners, and local leaders, the featured panelists will engage in lively conversation on the issues at hand. All are invited to share questions and ideas at this compelling community forum.



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