Thursday, May 17, 2007

Diggers Begin Occupation (1649)

In response to the dramatic events and privations of the English Civil War, a group of people motivated in part by the New Testament occupied vacant public lands and started to cultivate them with crops and homes. Starting on St. George's Hill in April, by May communities were springing up all over the country. The government and the wealthy conspired to destroy the communal experiments, and within a year all the communities were dispersed. But, for a short time, the Kingdom of God was built on Earth.

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  • the diggers are one of my favourite $&%#-disturbing Christian groups!

    I would love to see people these days resurrecting the digger principles by digging up parking lots in the middles of cities to make way for gardens and greenspace....

    PS - I'm cooking-up a good post for Sunday that will ask lots of questions and need lots of comments, so everyone get ready!

    By Blogger Shannon, at 7:08 PM  

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