Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Have Camera - Will Photo

There's just so much I miss by not having a digital camera. So Christie and I finally broke down and bought one. We asked all our friends what cameras they have, tried them out, price shopped, you know the drill. Eventually, we came to a Canon S3 IS - a bit on the low end, but good enough for a starter camera for us. And heck, with shots like this (sunflower amid tobacco blossoms by the compost bin) we can't complain. (Click on the pic... there're raindrops on the petals!)

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  • I borrowed my Dad's digital camera so often when I was going traveling that he eventually just gave it to me, and I adore having a camera at hand anytime - so I totally understand your excitement and am excited for you! Now you can post all sorts of fun pictures of your European adventures!

    By Blogger Shannon, at 9:10 PM  

  • Me again,
    but my mostly loved hobby is also the pic-taking.
    So, congratulations again, your new camera is a very good choice, it's one of the best optical stabilized ultrazoom bridge device on market.
    But maybe later in Holland (and of course in Hungary too) you will need perhaps a wide-angle supplementary lens with adapter ring to your cam for nice landscape pics.

    By Anonymous miklos csorba, at 3:16 AM  

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