Monday, August 13, 2007

More on Rorty

Richard Rorty is dead. For those who loved him as a person, and also those who just knew him – I had the good fortune to spend an evening with him in Hamburg – this sentence is an expression of pain alone. But for those who loved him as a theorist, the question is what this sentence means besides. Certainly: one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century has died. What will come after him, will someone take his place? As with other great philosophers and writers, the answer is: of course not. One has to live with such losses; they are forever. But in Rorty's case, questions and answers lead beyond truisms. To explain that, I need to get slightly personal.

Read the whole article at Eurozine.

I post this because Richard Rorty had (and continues to have) a profound and formative influence on my personal philosophy and theology. His work has shaped my own, his style inspired me, his approach made sense to me, his answers (or, rather, his way of answering) spoke/speaks to me. I will miss his continued insights, and will continue to read the writings he left us.

(Thanks to Blogger Jon for pointing this article out to me.)

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