Saturday, February 09, 2008

Pics from Dokkum, Netherlands

Christie and I visited Dokkum - a small city in Friesland, the Northern part of the Netherlands. It is the location of the matyrdom of St. Boniface, who famously lifted his Bible as his only defense against the axe-blows of his enemies. The museum and chapel was closed for the winter, but the city was adorable regardless.

We also toured some of "Terpeland" - where the centers of villages (usually where the churches were) were raised onto little hills ("terps") where people could flee the floods resulting from high-tides and winter storms in the days before dikes.

And finally, we visited a random memorial - a monument on the site of the first Mormon baptisms in the Netherlands, back in 1869. By funny coincidence, not five kilometers from this little monument is the largest congregation of Community of Christ in the whole Netherlands. Coincidence, or conspiracy?! (*cue dramatic music*)

All in all, a wonderful day, and a much needed break from Seminary paper writing. Many thanks to our hosts, Kees & Lukke! Enjoy the slideshow!

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