Friday, December 15, 2006

Stormed In

Reporting from C&P Coffee House

I am SO totally not the only person with this idea.

The Seattle area experienced its worst wind storm in roughly twenty years, and in addition to city-wide reports of flooding and downed trees, the southern half of West Seattle is now electricity-less. So I headed north to this coffee shop with wi-fi so I could at least plug into email, not to mention get any sort of work done. (*on the phone* Hello? Tell me about how the office of Seventy is expressed in your ministry? What can the Mission Center do to help? *people looking at me wierd* Uh... nevermind.) ;-)

One note, C&P doesn't take credit/debit cards - but they were nice enough to let me have coffee and a pastry, contingent on my promise to come back and pay with cash later. (Yay! Civilization!)

So I walk in to the place and it is a line of people waiting to join a sea of open laptops on every imaginable horizontal surface. Nuts. I managed to find an unoccupied ratan chair in a corner and here I am.

Thankfully, despite the mudslides, trees-in-streets, downed power lines, and even a "sinkhole" somewhere in Seattle, so far there's no reports of serious injury. And I got a professionally-made mocha with my morning commute. :-)



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