Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday (Just Life)

Saturday, 5:45AM- alarm goes off to get up and prepare for an all-day conference for which I am the featured speaker
6:00- cat weakly meows and joins Christie in bed
6:15- cat throws up (on the floor -phew!)
6:17- discover cat puke all over livingroom
6:18- discover cat poo all over livingroom
6:17-6:20- clean-up and assessment (conclusion: cat is sick)
6:20-6:50- cat continues to throw up occasionally
7:00- I leave for the conference, Christie stays to care for the cat and will come to the conference later (I have to be there early to set up)
7:30- while the cat convalesces on Christie's lap, Christie's leg falls asleep
7:35- Christie stands to do something, leg still asleep, leg collapses, three "pops"
7:45- Christie calls me to say (1) the cat continues to be sick and (2) she thinks she broke her foot.
8:00- I'm setting up St. Patrick's Day decorations at the conference
8:30- Christie calls our nearby friend Mari to drive her to urgent care and the cat to the vet; I'm enjoying the continental breakfast buffet at the conference
9:30- Christie, Mari and cat leave; vet worried because onset of sickness was so sudden; my second trip to breakfast buffet, third cup of coffee
10:00- First clinic doesn't have x-ray equipment to look at Christie
10:30- Second clinic doesn't have x-ray technician to look at Christie
11:00- Third clinic has machine and technician
12:00- Christie sees doctor; I enjoy a delightful catered lunch
12:30- vet calls and tells us that cat might have kidney or liver failure, tests expensive
1:00- Christie is told her injury is "just" a major sprain (four weeks in a boot, vicodin prescription, and physical therapy)... oh, and apparently sprains take longer to heal and hurt more than broken bones in feet; I begin my presentation
2:00- Christie is at home on the couch and in pain; I finish my presentation to smiles and applause
2:30- I leave the conference early for the vet's
3:30- long talk with the vet about possibilities and options... find out that our cat isn't dying today
4:00- rescue weak and fearful cat from vet's office, pay bill, head home
4:30- cat creeps out of kitty-carrier to lap at water--we cry with joy
5:00-9:00- I wait on waylaid wife and beleaguered cat hand and foot
9:00PM-4:00AM- yield bed space to fickle cat who can't get comfortable, and making sure neither Christie nor I roll over on the cat in the night
5:00-9:00- sleep
9:00-present- continue waiting on cat and wife, glad to have them both at home



  • wow! thanks for sharing your day! blessings on both Christie and cat... and with you having to travel to conference soon too... that sucks.

    By Blogger Shannon, at 10:02 PM  

  • Status Update: Christie is hobbling around now (she can get her own glass of water!) and the vet said that the tests reveal a really upset tummy for no known reason. The cat is fighting back more and more against taking medicine, so that's a good sign.

    By Blogger Christian, at 8:06 AM  

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