Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Rorty Biography

We ought to see him [Rorty] "not as a being spinning out ideas on the basis of a transhistorically rational consideration of their objective merits or as someone pushed this way and that by his personality or character, but as a social actor embedded over time in a variety of institutional settings. . . . [W]hat is true of Rorty in this regard is true of all other intellectuals: they are persons no less impinged upon by social mechanisms and processes than any other."

It seems a little weird that Gross would bother to point this out.

A new philosophical bigoraphy of Richard Rorty, one of my all-time favorite philosophers, has been written - and is given an engrossing review. At some point, after my seminary reading blows over, I'll want to read this. In the meantime, this review (and the reviews of any of my readers!) will have to do.

(Thanks to blogger Jon for the heads-up!)

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